Inclusion Criteria

Patients selected for inclusion in this study are strictly examined by the inclusion / exclusion criteria.

Clear and detailed information on the research, the surgical procedures and the risks / potential benefits are provided. Inclusion criteria include:

• Subject is at least 25 years old at the date pf enrolment;
• Has a confirmed diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Choroideremia or Cone-Rod Dystrophy;
• Has a visual acuity of logMAR 2.3 or worse in both eyes as determined by a Square Grating scale;
• Has functional ganglion cells and active optic nerve activity;
• Understands and accepts the obligation to attend all scheduled follow-up visits.

All subjects agreeing to participate in the study are followed for 18 months.

Other, more detailed, criteria apply and will be checked by the responsible ophthalmologist. :