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14/11/2019 - Prof. Daniel Palanker and Dr. Yannick Le Mer received the Bartimaeus award

Congratulations to Professor Daniel Palanker of the Stanford University Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, and Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory and Dr. Yannick Le Mer of the Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild for winning the prestigious Bartimaeus award, due to their scientific and clinical research on the PRIMA Bionic Vision System, at this year's Eye and The Chip World Research Conference at the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology and the Henry Ford Department of Ophthalmology.
"The Bartimaeus Award is presented to an investigator who has distinguished him or herself, by prolonged substantial contributions to the progress in the field of Artificial Vision".

05/11/2019 - New technologies promise sharper artificial vision for blind people

Palanker's team has designed a retinal implant of about 400 photodiodes or pixels that replace some of the retina's spatial map. A video stream of the outside world is shown on the inside of a pair of glasses in near-infrared light, which the implant's pixels convert into electrical signals to stimulate the retina's bipolar cells

09/10/2019 - Pixium Vision: "For biotechs, Euronext becomes a Third World market"

(BFM Bourse) - The decline of biotech intensifies, Pixium now drop more than 30% over the last five sessions and 40% over a month, with no particular relevance. A movement whose financial director admits he does not understand the outcome, which leads him to question the future of the sector but also future of Euronext.

08/10/2019 - French Tech: The 2019 Ranking Of The 100 Most Inventive Startups

Pixium ranked #7 of the top 100 most innovative start-ups in France by Forbes (and ranked #1 Life Science company on the list)

18/09/2019 - Bionic eye, the eye that was worth 3 billion

For more than 10 years, the advent of artificial retina has shown that it is possible to restore a little vision in totally blind patients. What progress has been made since various retinal implants? What are the different implants under development, in test, and on the market?

02/08/2019 - Bionic eye helps people who are blind read letters again

Biotech firm Pixium Vision, which created the device, has trialled the bionic eye in five people in France who have age-related macular degeneration.

29/07/2019 - Bionic vision system restores sight in AMD trials

Five people suffering from age-related macular degeneration have been able to read letters again, following a successful feasibility study of a bionic vision system.

19/07/2019 - How Pixium Vision's bionic vision systems can be a new hope for the blind

The company has recently received positive data from the first feasibility trial of Prima System in age-related macular degeneration patients - most of the patients could identify letters and some sequences of letters.

18/07/2019 - Pixium Vision makes a start with Prima

One year after the Prima device was implanted, all five patients in the Paris-based Prima-FS trial had light perception in the central retinal area, none had had central visual activity at enrollment, meeting the study's primary endpoint. Most of the patients could identify letters, and some sequences of letters.

19/04/2019 - Guest of Le Bourse Et La Vie : "We have shown that we exceeded our initial expectations"

SMALL CAP EVENT 2019: CEO of Pixium Vision guest of La Bourse Et La Vie: "We have shown that we have exceeded our initial expectations"

interview conducted by journalist Didier Testot on the Web Tv

10/04/2019 - Nature : Four technologies that could transform the treatment of blindness

A decade ago, clinicians had nothing to offer most people affected by retinal degeneration. Breakthroughs in genetics, bionics and stem-cell therapy are changing that.
"Blindness is one of the most life-altering conditions a person could experience," says William Hauswirth, an ophthalmologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville. "Restoring useful vision would make an almost unimaginable improvement in quality of life."

05/04/2019 - « French industry does not belong to the past » Agnès-Pannier Runacher

#LetsgoFrance 2019 Trophy "France that shines internationally": Pixium Vision
The French start-up Pixium Vision's Prima, a bionic vision system, the result of international collaboration, from Stanford to the prestigious European research organizations.

The innovators who advance France have followed their lucky stars! And they led them ... to Station F for the 2nd edition of the #LetsgoFrance Trophies. 

23/03/2019 - Le Point : Disease of the retina: progress in view

Scientific research and high technology now allow the blind and partially sighted to recover some of their lost sense.
In the spotlight. Artificial implants, gene therapy, stem cells, eye transplantation, brain stimulation ... Researchers are making great strides towards light.

12/03/2019 - Acuité AMD: Pixium Vision reveals the results of the study on its subretinal implant

After announcing in September 2018 the successful activation of its subretinal photovoltaic implant in 5 French patients with dry AMD, Pixium Vision presented the results of its feasibility study at a conference in early March.

11/03/2019 - Pharmaceutical World : RETINAL PATHOLOGIES

In this video, Professor José Sahel from Sorbonne University (France) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA) discusses diseases related to retinal dysfunction, including AMD.

11/03/2019 - Dry AMD: "the results of our implant exceed our expectations"

In September 2018, 5 patients with advanced atrophic dry AMD received the new generation PRIMA subretinal implant. Six months later, all had preserved their peripheral vision, and all are able to perceive light signals from central area.

07/03/2019 - #LetsGoFrance : 19 finalists, 19 talents who will keep France moving in 2019 !

There were 445 entries in the #LetsgoFrance competition, then 64 semi-finalists. Thanks to the votes of PwC's 5,000 employees, they are now only 19! Revealed this week in Forbes magazine, the 19 finalists of the #LetsgoFrance Trophies are now preparing for the pitch before the Grand Jury.

25/02/2019 - The 64 that will keep France moving in 2019 - #LetsGoFrance

Company Pixium Vision, semi-finalist of the 2nd edition of the #LetsgoFrance competition in the category "France which shines internationally".

18/01/2019 - Foundation Fighting Blindness Eye on the Cure : PRIMA Bionic Vision System Restores Central Vision in Dry AMD Clinical Trial

The French bioelectronics company Pixium Vision has reported that its PRIMA bionic vision system has restored some central vision in patients with advanced dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) participating in a clinical feasibility trial.

14/01/2019 - Pixium Vision's bionic eye on the path to approval

The six month efficacy results of the Feasibility study of Prima Retinal Implant for patients with the dry form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) were positive.

11/01/2019 - This retinal implant allows visually impaired patients to see patterns

An electronic chip from the French company Pixium Vision, inserted under the retina to treat age-related macular degeneration, has shown excellent results in a small clinical trial.

08/01/2019 - Medtechs: Pixium Vision awakens on the stock market

The company has announced positive results for its "bionic eye" used in the treatment of dry AMD. Its shares gained more than 8% on January 8 on the the Paris Stock Exchange by middle of the day.

04/01/2019 - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center : A New Frontier in Bionic Vision for Macular Degeneration

An innovative advancement in vision restoration technology is actually quite small. About 2x2 mm (the size of a pinhead) and as thick as a human hair to be more precise. Called PRIMA, this bionic retinal implant system is currently enrolling patients in a clinical trial at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC.

04/01/2019 - Femme Actuelle Magazine : Our health in 2019 : 15 breakthrough innovations

AMD: a bionic eye. Five patients with dry age related macular degeneration were implanted with a miniature implant

13/11/2018 - Artificial Retina : A promising new generation of implant

French teams announced the first results of an innovative retinal implant. This photovoltaic microchip shows improvements in the first five patients with dry AMD.

15/10/2018 - La Repubblica 11 Oct 2018 : World Sight Day, 'wireless' microchip to re-emerge from the dark

... research goes on and ophthalmologists and geneticists from some of the most renowned universities in the world will arrive in Rome to present the first results of new retinal prosthesis.

26/09/2018 - e.journal Edimark - Images in Ophthalmology : News about artificial retina

An interview during EURETINA 2018 Congress in Vienna, Austria with Dr Yannick LE MER, Ophthalmologist and Retina Surgeon at   Fondation ophtalmologique Adolphe de Rothschild Paris, France.

25/09/2018 - LCP : It is in your interest

The guests of Myriam Encaoua debate on breakthrough innovation investments like PRIMA, the new generation of wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal and miniaturised implants to compensate for blindness due to dry AMD, in the context of loi Pacte and innovation investment fund :

-Boris Vallaud, deputy "Socialistes et apparentés" des Landes
-Marie Lebec, deputy "La République en Marche" des Yvelines
-Mathieu Plane, "économiste à l'Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE)
-Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, économiste, président du Cercle des économistes

24/09/2018 - M6 News : Vision of the future

Researchers created a bionic eye, PRIMA, a wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal miniaturized implant has been successfully implanted in France, in 5 patients suffering from central vision loss due to dry AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).

24/09/2018 - Repairing the retina, is it soon ?

Research accelerates in retinal dystrophies responsible for low vision, with the hope of finally avoiding blindness.

30/08/2018 - Pixium Vision implants "bionic" eyes in five patients

This photovoltaic device is supposed to restore a certain visual perception to visually impaired patients.

30/08/2018 - Mass Device : Pixium Vision's novel Prima chip helps patients see the light

Pixium Vision said today that its Prima miniature wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal implant has been activated in the first five patients. The patients all have severe vision loss from atrophic dry age-related macular degeneration.

08/06/2018 - Silicon Republic : 6 medical devices aiming to change the world in 2018

There are more medical devices out there than ever before, but these select few promise to potentially improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

26/04/2018 - Il mio medico TV2000 : the new bionic eye PRIMA for Atrophic Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration

Professor Andrea Cusumano, an ophthalmologist, presents a microchip PRIMA from Pixium Vision, that is now in clinical trials, capable to restore some visual perception to those with severe central vision loss from atrophic dry Age-related Macular Degeneration. 

25/04/2018 - Capital Increase to finance bionic vision

Pixium Vision is a small medtech that develops systems to allow the blind to partially recover their sight. It's raising 10 million euros with capital increase.

18/04/2018 - Tiny, light-sensitive chips developed by Stanford researchers could one day restore sight to the blind

Millions of people are slowly losing their vision to diseases of the retina, such as age-related macular degeneration. Now, a device more than a decade in the making may help some of them see again.

25/03/2018 - L'Observatoire de la santé visuelle et auditive: Learn to see with an artificial retina

In the future, more efficient systems could not only replace the sight of people with total blindness but also improve the visual perception of visually impaired people.

13/03/2018 - The Prima bionic eye was again successfully activated in another dry AMD patient

At the rate of a patient per month, the clinical trial " is making good progress in France " comments on an analyst. The share is in sharp increase

31/01/2018 - OIS Podcast Tom Salemi : Pixium Vision CEO Sees a Day When Wireless PRIMA Implant Could Bring bionic Vision Back to AMD Patients

A veteran of bioelectronic medicine, Khalid Ishaque joined Pixium Vision four years ago after recognizing the promise of using implantable devices to restore form of visual perception...

29/01/2018 - Anthony Morel: Pixium Vision Bionic eye for visually impaired

Pixium Vision has implanted PRIMA, a bionic eye of the latest generation. This electrical implant helps people suffering from macular degeneration to recover partially their sight by light signals.

29/01/2018 - Anthony Morel chronicle : a bionic eye developed in France

Pixium Vision, a french startup, had developed a bionic eye specially designed for visually impaired. This electronic device enables to partially recover their sight. Equipped with several hundreds of electrodes, it is placed under the retina.

28/01/2018 - Pixium Vision in the zone "repaired body"

Facebook live at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie at National innovation days in healthcare, at Pixium stand in the "repaired body" zone

26/01/2018 - Pixium Vision rises after the successful implantation of its

Medtech activated its first sub-retinal implant (Prima) in a patient with atrophic dry AMD. The shares of the medtech gain about 25% this 26 of January at the end of the morning.

26/01/2018 - The medtech keeps its promise thanks to its bionic eye PRIMA

The Bionic Vision Specialist announces Successful Implantation in Patient with atrophic dry AMD

26/01/2018 - The "bionic" eye PRIMA of French Pixium Vision ignites the stock market

Paris start-up Pixium Vision, which is developing bionic vision restoration systems, has seen its share price soar after the announcement of the very first implantation of its new-generation retinal implant PRIMA.

26/01/2018 - BFM Business intégrale bourse - PRIMA first activation

Pixium Vision : Successful first Human activation of "PRIMA" Bionic Vision System

26/01/2018 - PIXIUM: first implantation and successful activation of its Prima implant

Pixium Vision announced the first implantation and successful activation of Prima, a wireless, new generation sub-retinal photovoltaic implant in a subject with the dry atrophic form of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (dry-AMD).

25/01/2018 - Pixium Vision announces First Success With Prima Retinal Implant

This is a world's première announced Thursday evening by Pixium Vision. The activation of its new retinal system implanted in the first patient, with atrophic dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), allowed her to perceive light signals.

19/12/2017 - Paris Match : The bionic eye: a great hope for visually impaired

Prof José-Alain Sahel, Dr Yannick Le Mer, and Khalid Ishaque comment on device advances able to restore a certain form of vision in visually impaired.

25/11/2017 - Can medicine restore the sight to the blind ?

The writers of Star Trek were rightly anticipated. Armed with glasses as powerful as those of the character Geordi La Forge, seniors with dry AMD, the most common form of blindness related to aging, will be able to ...

02/11/2017 - AMD : a new implant should help recover some vision

We've heard a lot about age-related macular degeneration, AMD.
This is a leading cause of low vision after 50 years. One million French people suffer from it. And it is very disabling because you can not read or even recognize faces.

26/10/2017 - French regulators approve human trial of a bionic eye for vision loss from advanced atrophic dry AMD

Five people with severe vision loss will have an experimental chip implanted in their eyes to help them see. The 2 x 2 millimeter square implant is 30 microns thick, about a third of the thickness of a human hair. French regulators last week approved the trial of the bionic vision implant, which will be placed in people with an advanced type of retinal disease called dry age-related macular degeneration, or dry AMD.

24/08/2017 - Stanford Medicine : Bionic - How video goggles and a tiny wireless implant could treat blindness

Two Stanford research teams are making steady progress in what was once the realm of science fiction. One of their promising new devices, a bionic vision system based on photovoltaic implants, is awaiting approval for human clinical trials in Europe. A second system, based on in vitro studies of the retina, could be ready for animal testing within four or five years. Both inventions have the same goal: to give back some measure of sight to people who have progressive diseases of the retina ? especially retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration

21/08/2017 - News Medical : Bionic vision restoration: could future technologies restore sight?

An interview with Khalid Ishaque, CEO, Pixium Vision, conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, MA (Cantab)
How have advances in neurobiology, visual processing, microelectronics/nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and intelligent software algorithms made bionic vision restoration technologies a possibility?

20/07/2017 - Experience with IRIS®II (150 electrodes) 6 months after implantation

Follow-up on the experience in IMO of a participant in the European clinical study promoted by Pixium Vision to test the new bionic vision system IRIS®II. He has been blind for more than 30 years due to retinitis pigmentosa, the first patient in Spain to whom this device has been implanted and, half a year after the procedure, he already locates objects and begins to distinguish them through the perception of light.

26/06/2017 - Generation French Tech: "The 1000 who will make the French economy of tomorrow" edition 2017

These innovators who design the France of tomorrow: inventoried, listed, categorized hundreds of startups, to select the 1,000, created between 2010 and 2016, remarkable for the importance of their fundraising, their commercial traction or their impact on their market - Healthcare and Silver Economy

17/02/2017 - PixiumVision: The bionic eye of the medtech was implanted in a new patient, in Spain this time

A busy week of announcements for the French medtech which yesterday welcomed the success of a new implantation and activation of its bionic vision system IRIS II, at the prestigious Institute of ocular microsurgery of Barcelona in the ongoing multi-center clinical trial.

17/02/2017 - La Tribune: Pixium launches its bionic eye in Spain and Germany

After obtaining CE mark in July, Pixium Vision received NUB innovation reimbursement status 1 for IRIS®II in Germany, and announced first implantation and activation of IRIS®II in Spain in the ongoing multi-center clinical trial.

15/02/2017 - France 3: ... to replace our damaged organs ...

This is the third episode of our series, devoted this week, to an inventory of what is possible ...

03/02/2017 - Crossing of Lake Baïkal : a remarkable adventure of blind people

With the objective to raise awareness about blind people and their abilities, a guided adventure, with the aim to cross the Siberian Lake Baïkal in winter, will be followed by RFI and scientific researchers from February 24th to March 2nd, 2017.

03/02/2017 - Capital: These 21 innovations which will push the future of medicine

Surgery revolution, nano-robotic growth, new bio-therapies, visual prosthesis... There have never been so many promises for improved treatments.

29/01/2017 - La bourse et la vie: Biomed Event 2017 which brings together biotech and medtech companies.

"Priority with the commercialization of the IRIS II project in 2017 in Europe"
Biomed Event 2017 which brings together biotech and medtech companies.

24/11/2016 - TV Sud Nîmes : first implant of a new generation retinal prosthesis

A new generation of retinal prosthesis was implanted for the first time at the University Hospital of Nimes. The principle of this implant is simple: a camera, integrated in glasses, will transform the image into electrical stimulation.

08/11/2016 - Evening Standard London : Blind man recovers some sight after getting 'bionic eye' from Moorfields London surgeons

He is the first in the UK to benefit from a trial of a pioneering system at Moorfields Eye Hospital.
The patient, 73, has retinitis pigmentosa, the most common cause of inherited blindness ? affecting 1.5 million people worldwide. He has been blind for more than 20 years....

05/10/2016 - Retina Today : Restoring Visual Function With a Bionic Retinal Implant: Mission Im?possible?

"Artificial bionic vision technology offers promising results, but postimplantation re-education and training are needed to provide more meaningful visual perception. Hope and expectations remain high on the frontier of neuroscience and neuroophthalmology, interfacing the worlds of the eye and the brain."

18/09/2016 - Raconteur - Developments in retinal implants give hope to those with sight loss

Clinical trials are underway in the UK for a new 'bionic' vision system with the potential to restore vision in patients with sight loss. Following approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, clinical trials of the Iris II have now begun at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust in London as part of a multi-centric European study to assess its safety and performance.

18/09/2016 - Bionic vision will change concepts of sight

Technological innovations are revolutionising eyecare and giving hope to millions with lost or impaired sight.
The second Moorfields project is part of a European multi-centre trial with the IRIS Bionic Vision System that uses a special camera, processor pack and a retinal implant to bypass the photo processors that atrophy in a range of conditions.

16/09/2016 - Challenges - Exoskeleton, artificial retina, bioactive glass: French ten technologies that have the ambition to change the lives of patients

Last week, the meetings on Medical Progress organized by Snitem had the opportunity to provide an overview of the "medical device" companies. In this very diverse industry, ranging from bandage to resuscitation equipment through to prosthesis, Challenges selected 10 disruptive technologies, already marketed or about to be. ... All these projects demonstrate a creativity and remarkable scientific excellence.

02/08/2016 - Foundation Fighting Blindness Eye on the Cure : Pixium Vision Reports Progress in Development of Two Bionic Retina Systems

While several companies and laboratories around the world are at various stages of bionic-retina development, Pixium Vision located in France, is progressing impressively down two paths ...


Pierre Kemula CFO of Pixium Vision, commented on market approval of the product IRIS II in the European Union to patients with retinitis pigmentosa and upcoming projects especially concerning future product of Pixium, PRIMA, for macular degeneration. Pierre Kemula CFO Pixium Vision, was the guest of Lucie Morlot on Direct Markets.

26/07/2016 - Bionic Eye from Pixium Vision to be commercialized shortly in Europe

Designed by the French company Pixium Vision, the bionic eye IRIS II allows blind patients with retinal degeneration, to regain form of vision. The company had succeeded with its first implant in a 58 yrs old patient. Following the progress, Pixium vision has received CE Mark to market its bionic eye in Europe. - With Bernard Gilly, President Pixium Vision. - Good Morning Business Tuesday, July 26, 2016, presented by Stéphane Soumier on BFM Business

25/07/2016 - Pixium Vision Announces CE Market Approval of IRIS®II

Good news for Pixium Vision, a company developing innovative bionic vision systems to enable patients with vision loss to live more independently. It has obtained the CE mark for its bionic vision system IRIS®II, for blind people suffering from retinal degeneration. This approval is an important step allowing Pixium Vision to start commercialising the bionic vision system Iris II in Europe. - With: Pierre Kemula CFO Pixium Vision. Bourse Integrale, Monday, July 25, 2016, presented by Gregory Favet on BFM Business.

07/07/2016 - EE Times Europe : From implantable retinal pixels to visual cortex stimulation

French Startup Pixium Vision is moving fast in the field of vision restauration. The company is not only developing two distinct retinal-implant technologies to circumvent retinal degenerative diseases, it also hopes to be able one day to feed visual stimulation (from its proprietary bioinspired neuromorphic imaging sensor) directly to the visual cortex.

09/06/2016 - Optometry Today : Moorfields Eye Hospital London is part of an international trial for an adaptable bionic retinal implant system

A Moorfields Eye Hospital surgeon believes that we now have the technology to replace the eye's degenerated photoreceptors with a new, modifiable bionic eye..... he described the IRIS II - which comprises an epi-retinal 150 electrodes implant and a "bio-inspired" camera - as a "second generation" system

08/06/2016 - medGadget : UK Regulatory Authority Grants Clinical Trial Approval for Pixium Vision's Bionic Vision System

The UK regulatory authority, Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has granted clinical trial approval for Pixium Vision?s 150 Electrode IRIS II bionic vision system.

27/05/2016 - France 24 Tech 24 : Treating blindness with bionic eyes

Getting over your greatest fears with virtual reality, using a connected glove to translate sign language and treating blindness with bionic eyes... In this show, we explore the different ways in which technology is helping us heal our senses.

04/05/2016 - Bionic vision of this medtech to tackle AMD

New evidence of the effectiveness of the technology being developed by the French medtech to offset the loss of central vision caused by AMD were presented at a major conference ARVO 2016 in the United States.

31/03/2016 - "Blindness is no longer inevitable"

INTERVIEW - Professor José-Alain Sahel, Director of the Vision Institute, a pioneer in the field of retinal implants, returns to the spectacular advances that now allow to save or provide form of visual perception to millions of people.

29/03/2016 - France Culture with René Frydman : See with your eyes closed - Advances in artificial retina

Professor José Sahel, specialist in regenerative therapies for the eye, Director of the Vision Institute, will discuss in the program, what can be expected from the "bionic eye" or "artificial retina". Since many years the research teams have been trying to limit the loss of photo receptors from diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration. Importantly, the implants are improving, they are placed on or below the surface of the retina, with increasing number of electrodes : is the exit from the tunnel near?

25/02/2016 - Pixium Vision developping IRIS®II bionic vision system - 25/02

Pixium Vision develops innovative bionic vision systems to artificially stimulate the degenerated retina inducing a form of vision. With 150 electrodes, this retinal implant is intended for patients who have become blind due to degenerative disorders of the eye, such as retinitis pigmentosa.

25/02/2016 - An implant IRIS®II allows the blind to perceive light signals again : BFM Business

It is an outstanding technological and medical achievement. A French company, Pixium Vision, specialized in bionic vision systems, has developed a bionic eye that can restore partially sight to some people who have lost their sight.

01/01/2016 - Pixium will deliver vision en 2016

The French company specialized in vision restoration could market its system for the blind in the second half of 2016.

10/12/2015 - The bionic eye, a hope for millions of blind and visually impaired - WE DEMAIN

Blindness is not without treatment! With the development of bionic eyes that have already allowed patients to partially recover form of sight.

26/11/2015 - How Neuromorphic Image Sensors Steal Tricks From the Human Eye

By prioritizing the dynamic parts of a scene, machines can capture images more efficiently. Inspired by the biology of the eye and brain, we began developing imagers containing arrays of independently operating pixel sensors ... natural application of neuromorphic vision sensors is in electronic retinal implants for restoring sight to those whose vision has been lost to disease.

25/10/2015 - The bionic eye that gives form of sight to the blind - le Journal du Dimanche

A French company is developing since 2011, a technology for visual restoration for certain serious ophthalmic pathologies. The first generation of Pixium implants should be marketed next year.

17/10/2015 - Pixium Vision is developing vision restoration system - Your health, presented by Alain Ducardonnet

Pixium Vision was the guest of "Your health interests me" on Saturday, October 17, 2015, presented by Alain Ducardonnet on BFM Business.

08/10/2015 - The Anthony Morel Chronicle: Technology for the blind - BFM TV RMC

Anthony Morel presented several technical innovations improving the lives of blind people. Those who suffer from macular degeneration can partially recover some sight with electronic goggles connected with retinal implants.

06/10/2015 - Discover the winners of the 2015 edition of the Innovation Prize by Universal Biotech

Winners announced from 6 finalists shortlisted from 136 eligible projects issued from the 289 applications representing 34 countries. Selection criteria were based on the scientific quality of the innovation, IP, industrial feasibility and HR quality.

24/09/2015 - Retinal Implants: Painting the Future

For the 15 M Americans who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, vision deteriorates slowly from the center of the eye, out. It?s the leading cause of blindness and there is no cure. Now, a new implant could keep these patients from completely losing their sight. Stanford University's Daniel Palanker, PhD, is developing the first-of-its-kind, minimally invasive, retinal implant that could give sight to people.

25/07/2015 - Wireless subretinal implant holds promise for the visually impaired : EDN Network Tech Edge

The French company's PRIMA subretinal system is based on a tiny silicon implant containing several thousand electrodes that is placed just behind the retina?"the part of the eye containing photoreceptor cells. The honeycomb-shaped wireless device converts light transmitted from special glasses worn by the recipient into electrical current, which stimulates the retina's bipolar cells. According to Pixium, this approach enables a more physiological processing of the visual signal.

10/06/2015 - The Sharper Image : The Ophthalmologist

Photovoltaic pixels could help create a wireless retinal prosthesis with a much better spatial resolution than current offerings : The Ophthalmologist

28/04/2015 - Tiny implantable solar panels could help the blind see one day : Fusion Net

Inside your eye are tiny retinal cells whose job is to translate the visual signals you encounter every day - colors and edges - into signals your brain can understand. Without these photoreceptors, you can't see. And retinal degeneration, in which these receptors start to die off, is one of the leading causes of blindness. But one group of scientists may be nearing a solution. In a paper published in the journal Nature Medicine this week, researchers describe a tiny, honeycomb-shaped wireless implant that helps restore vision in rats with retinal degeneration.

28/04/2015 - A New Bionic Eye: Infrared Light-Powered Retina Implant Coming

At the IEEE Neural Engineering meeting in Montpellier, France last week, researchers described their progress toward this goal. In one talk, a Stanford scientist described a clever visual prosthetic that?s photovoltaic.... to be commercialized by the French company Pixium Vision, with clinical trials scheduled for 2016.

23/04/2015 - Bionic retina, how to give hope to the blind

New implant system allows some blind to distinguish light again. Some patients have benefited from these artificial bionic retinas. Meeting with one of these people who are in clinical testing at the Vision Institute in Paris.

07/04/2015 - The era of improved human body has begun

The technology allows to overcome the shortcomings of the body. The transhumanists dream has never been so real. Ophthalmology is also undergoing a profound revolution.

04/03/2015 - The artificial retina on the verge of becoming real

Blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa and AMD will soon not be inevitable. Thanks to the IRIS system developed by Pixium Vision, patients could benefit from partial restoration of vision. Presented at the 1st Vision Innovation conference, the technology should be released by the end of 2015?..

21/02/2015 - The Economist: Treating Blindness - Bionic Eyes

The Economist : Treating Blindness - Bionic Eyes A new device may restore vision to those whose sight is dwindling

13/02/2015 - San Jose Mercury News: Bionic eyes offering better sight to blind

San Jose Mercury News: American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAS 2015 conference in San Jose - Bionic eyes offering better sight to blind

07/12/2014 - Bloomberg TV - Bionic eyes: a look into the future

What if the blind could see again - A look at Pixium Vision's vision restoration system.

02/11/2014 - This week's talent Pixium Vision - Europe1

The show presents Pixium Vision, private company composed of researchers and entrepreneurs, developing systems aimed at regaining vision for people who lost it.

30/10/2014 - « Bionic eye presented in Marseille » - La

The visual restoration system developed by Pixium Vision has been presented at the 4th Eurobiomed-Ophtabiotech convention in Marseille.

29/10/2014 - My dream, see my grandchildren - Le Parisien

Article and video presenting Jean who has been using Pixium Vision's visual restoration system. He explains what he can see and how he reeducate his vision.

03/10/2014 - What if the blind could see again - Ouest France

The system developed by PIxium Vision allows people who lost sight to regain a visual perception of their environment: patients testify.

31/08/2014 - Implants in sight - Libération

Article on technologies developed around neuro-implants, notably the IRIS and PRIMA systems developed by Pixium Vision among the most recent in the area.

11/08/2014 - Graphene for Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve

European physicists team up with a leading company to develop an artificial retina based on the remarkable properties of graphene. In collaboration with partners from the Institut de la Vision of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and the French company Pixium Vision, the physicists are developing key components of an artificial retina made of graphene.

09/07/2014 - Innovation : a French asset for our health ~ Marisol Touraine

France is at the forefront in the field of innovation for healthcare. An opportunity to seize : in addition to the therapeutic gain for patients, it also strengthens the competitiveness in our country and stimulates economic growth.
- Marisol Touraine is the minister of social affaires, health and women's rights

24/06/2014 - Retinal Implant Could Restore Functional Sight : Medical Design Technology

A team led by Stanford University researchers has developed a tiny wireless retinal implant. A paper describing the implant was published online April 27 in Nature Medicine.
Results in rat studies suggest it could provide functional vision to patients with retinal degenerative diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration.

24/06/2014 - The retinal implant revolution in vision- Les Echos

Just as the French company Pixium Vision, publicly traded for one week, several start-ups rely on electronic implants to restore sight to the visually impaired.

22/06/2014 - Bernard Gilly, President of Pixium Vision : The technology has evolved enough - La Bourse et la Vie

Bernard Gilly, President of Pixium Vision is invited to La Bourse et la Vie to talk about business strategy and perspectives, following the success of the IPO.

19/06/2014 - Pixium: successful IPO - Le Revenu

19/06/2014 - The price of the IPO was set at the lower end of the bracket. However, demand has been strong and opens the possibility for society to exercise its over-allotment option.

18/06/2014 - Intégrale Bourse : Today's company profile » - BFM Business

18/06/2014 - Invited on BFM Business on the day Pixium Vision is listed on Euronext, Bernard Gilly, Pixium Vision's CEO, presented the technology behind the firm's visual restoration systems.

13/06/2014 - « An eye implant to regain sight » - La Tribune

13/06/2014 - More details on Pixium Vision's strategy and IRIS' functioning (article in French)

13/06/2014 - « Interview with Bernard Gilly, CEO of Pixium Vision » -

13/06/2014 - Bernard Gilly comments on the Pixium Vision?s products and tells more on the on-going IPO (article in French)

07/06/2014 - Give vision back to blind people - Investir

07/06/2014 - The article describes the system developed by Pixium Vision meant to answer blind patients who lost sight and for whom no treatment exist. The journalist makes a buy recommendation.

06/06/2014 - France Info - IPO Pixium Vision

06/06/2014 - Radio interview with Bernard Gilly presenting Pixium Vision's public offering on Euronext Paris.

03/06/2014 - Le Revenu TV - «Pixium, a pioneer in visual restoration, goes public»

03/06/2014 - Bernard Gilly is interviewed to present Pixium Vision's visual restauration systems - technology and details the company's ambition through its public listing.

19/05/2014 - BFM Business - Good morning business

19/05/2014 - Stéphane Soumier speaks to Pixium Vision's Executive Chairman Bernard Gilly about the technology developed by Pixium Vision to enable patients who have lost their sight to regain vision and lead more independent lives. This has been made possible thanks to advances in neuromodulation technologies.

09/05/2014 - France Info - An implant gives sight back to some blind people, a 'miracle'

09/05/2014 - The implant developed by Pixium Vision has been presented in the show le Plus France Info presented by Bruno Rougier. It includes the testimony of Barbara, a patient participating in clinical trials, who describes this innovation as miraculous.

03/05/2014 - Le Monde - Pixium gives vision back to blind people

03/05/2014 - The article paints a portrait of Pixium Vision and describes its IRIS technology as well as its intentions to continue its innovation in the retinal implant space. The article also highlights the global need for new technology solutions for restoring sight and follows the progress of a blind patient undergoing rehabilitation following surgery to receive the IRIS implant.

16/04/2014 - TFI News: Progress in the Fight Against Blindness

A team of French doctors successfully implanted retinal implant systems, a significant advance towards vision restoration. The feature story reports the testimony of a patient, implanted 6 months ago and having lost sight 20 years ago, demonstrates her ability to seize objects. Bernard Gilly (Executive Chairman of Pixium Vison), Dr. Yannick Le Mer (eye surgeon) and Prof. José-Alain Sahel (Director of the Institut de la Vision) detail how such progress has been made possible.

15/04/2014 - FutureMag: An artificial retina for blind people

The Institut de la Vision in Paris has achieved a major technological breakthrough in the treatment of blindness with the ?artificial retina?, an implant that enables the partial restoration of lost vision. Following a surgical operation and 18 months of rehabilitation, the patient will at last be able to see the light again.

14/04/2014 - Le Quotidien du Médecin - The hope of electronic retinal implants

17/04/2014 - Pixium Vision develops visual restoration systems comprising retinal implants, allowing for the stimulation of neuronal cells, for people with defective photoreceptors. Within l'Institut de la Vision, the company has created two systems allowing the brain to interpret the signals received from the implant. Clinical trials are currently taking place for the first system (IRIS) and will begin in 2015 for the second system (PRIMA).

13/04/2014 - Video : Giving sight back to the blind, Bernard Gilly in Good Morning Business - 26/11

On November 26th, macular degeneration care was the topic discussed with Bernard Gilly, President of Pixium Vision, in Good Morning Business with Stéphane Soumier, of BFM Business.