LCP : It is in your interest

The guests of Myriam Encaoua debate on breakthrough innovation investments like PRIMA, the new generation of wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal and miniaturised implants to compensate for blindness due to dry AMD, in the context of loi Pacte and innovation investment fund :-Boris Vallaud, deputy "Socialistes et apparentés" des Landes-Marie Lebec, deputy "La République en Marche" des

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M6 News : Vision of the future

Researchers created a bionic eye, PRIMA, a wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal miniaturized implant has been successfully implanted in France, in 5 patients suffering from central vision loss due to dry AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).

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Repairing the retina, is it soon ?

Research accelerates in retinal dystrophies responsible for low vision, with the hope of finally avoiding blindness. Read more »

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