Nature : Four technologies that could transform the treatment of blindness

A decade ago, clinicians had nothing to offer most people affected by retinal degeneration. Breakthroughs in genetics, bionics and stem-cell therapy are changing that.

“Blindness is one of the most life-altering conditions a person could experience,” says William Hauswirth, an ophthalmologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville. “Restoring useful vision would make an almost unimaginable improvement in quality of life.”

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« French industry does not belong to the past » Agnès-Pannier Runacher

#LetsgoFrance 2019 Trophy “France that shines internationally”: Pixium Vision

The French start-up Pixium Vision’s Prima, a bionic vision system, the result of international collaboration, from Stanford to the prestigious European research organizations.
The innovators who advance France have followed their lucky stars! And they led them … to Station F for the 2nd edition of the #LetsgoFrance Trophies. 

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