Nature : Four technologies that could transform the treatment of blindness

A decade ago, clinicians had nothing to offer most people affected by retinal degeneration. Breakthroughs in genetics, bionics and stem-cell therapy are changing that."Blindness is one of the most life-altering conditions a person could experience," says William Hauswirth, an ophthalmologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville. "Restoring useful vision would make an almost unimaginable

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« French industry does not belong to the past » Agnès-Pannier Runacher

#LetsgoFrance 2019 Trophy "France that shines internationally": Pixium VisionThe French start-up Pixium Vision's Prima, a bionic vision system, the result of international collaboration, from Stanford to the prestigious European research organizations.The innovators who advance France have followed their lucky stars! And they led them ... to Station F for the 2nd edition of the #LetsgoFrance

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